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Toyota builds the highest standards into all its parts, even something as simple as an oil filter. Only those parts that have passed the strictest test deserve to be called Toyota Genuine Parts. We never compromise. Unfortunately, the market is full of fake parts that are not only illegal, they’re dangerous. These parts can seriously damage your vehicle, causing breakdowns or even accidents. protect yourself.

A Genuine Toyota Oil Filter contains a dual-textured element-rough on the outside, fine on the inside – which filters particles effectively and resists clogging. Non-genuine oil filters are thin and finely meshed, making them prone to tearing and clogging, and will have to be replaced more frequently.

Sealing Capability (for gasket)
For added durability, a Genuine Toyota Oil Filter uses gaskets made with heat-resistant, non-stick acryl rubber. Non-genuine filters may use gaskets that easily deform or deteriorate, making them prone to leaks. They may also use poorly constructed fitting faces which could cause engine damage.

Check Valves and Relief Valves
A Genuine Toyota Oil Filter has check and relief valves made of durable, heat-resistant rubber. They deliver long-lasting, stable performance. Non-genuine check and relief valves may not be properly constructed and could cause extensive engine damage. The check valves may fail to prevent oil from flowing backward when the engine starts.

Oil Filter for Diesel Engines
A Genuine Toyota Oil Filter for diesel engines effectively filters carbon. Non-genuine oil filters may fail to filter carbon. Non-genuine oil filters may fail to filter carbon, causing the oil to become dirty. This also results in black smoke emissions and increased fuel consumption, which can cause engine damage.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Air Filter


Triple-layered Configuration
Genuine Toyota Air Filter elements are triple-layered – rough inside and fine outside – which allows them to effectively catch particles of different size. Unlike single-layered, non-genuine air filters, the triple-layered elements help resist clogging and have a long service life.

Sealing Capacity
Although non-genuine parts look similar to Genuine Toyota parts, many use poor quality material or are poorly constructed. Heat causes many non-genuine air filters to shrink, reducing their sealing capability. As a result, openings in the seal may allow particles or dust to enter, causing engine damage

Full Fabric Air Filters
Due to their high recycalbility, Full Fabric Air Filters (FFAF) are now being installed in many Toyota vehicles. Standard Air Filters can not be installed on vehicles with FFAF.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Spark Plugs


A resistor located between the center electrode and the center axis enables Genuine Toyota Spark Plugs to prevent interference with onboard electronics, such as the radio. Non-genuine spark plugs without resistors fail to reduce interference with electronics

U-Groove Ground Electrode
Genuine Toyota Spark Plugs feature a U-Groove ground electrode which optimizes engine performance, including starting, acceleration, fuel economy and power. Because they do not have the U-Groove ground electrode, many non-genuine parts actually impair engine performance.

Toyota uses reliable materials and precise construction methods to create its spark plug housings. The result is stable performance and long life. Genuine Toyota Spark Plug housings also have a high rate of thermal conduction, ensuring that hey are always at the ideal temperature. Without proper heat conduction, spark plugs tend to run too hot or too cold, causing engine misfires or pre-ignition which often leads to engine damage.

Heating Range
To work efficiently, engines must have spark plugs with the appropriate heating range. If the heating range is inappropriate, the plug may fail to ignite, resulting in poor starting, reduced performance on uphill climbs or when carrying a heavy load, and increased fuel consumption. A Genuine Toyota Spark Plug is the only way to guarantee proper heating range

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Fuel Filter


Element Composition
A Genuine Toyota Fuel Filter combines polyester and glass fibers with standard paper filter material. This allows small particles to be caught and held without interrupting the fuel flow. Many non-genuine fuel filters clog easily which reduces filtering capability.

Rust Proofing
A Genuine Toyota Fuel Filter is treated with rust proofing on the interal as well as external surfaces. Many non-genuine filters are not treated in this way and are susceptible to internal corrosion caused by the water content of the fuel. Subsequent corrosion may result in engine damage.

Securing Fitting for Cases and Pipes
A Genuine Toyota Fuel Filter is specifically engineered to fit Toyota engines, ensuring proper fuel flow and optimum engine performance. Non-genuine fuel filters are designed to fit a variety of engines, therefore they may fail to fit properly. Poor fit may result in potentially dangerous fuel leakage.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Brake Pads

Brake Lining
The lining on Genuine Toyota Brake Pads is specifically designed for Toyota vehicles, ensuring balanced, stable braking in all temperatures. Driving with non-genuine brake pads may not be safe because they fail to provide the stable performance, reliable braking and durability that Genuine Toyota brake pads do
Environmentally Friendly
Unlike some non-genuine parts, Genuine Toyota Brake Pads are made without asbestos, which is hazardous to the environment.
Anti-skin Shim
Genuine Toyota Brake Pads have a finely processed anti-shim skim which prevents the high-frequency vibration that causes brake noise. Non-genuine brake pads do not have an anti-skim shim, making them more likely to squeak.
During the manufacturing process, all Genuine Toyota parts undergo strict quality control inspections. Genuine toyota Brake Pads are carefully check for proper clearance between the brake pad and the caliper to ensure smooth braking. Since many non-genuine pads are not properly inspected for proper clearance, they may squeak – or even cause brake failures.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Drive Belts


V-Belt Variation
Raw Edge Belts

Plain: The basic configuration for Raw Edge belts. Strong gripping power makes it suitable for passenger cars and small trucks.

Multi-Ply: Layers of bias cloth are added to the plain belt to make it last longer.

Cogged: A corrugated underside decreases energy loss by bending. Because even larger size belts are flexible, cogged V-belts are often used for diesel-powered vehicles such as trucks and buses.
V-Ribbed Belts

These are thinner and had large contact area than Raw Edge belts, increasing their flexibility and efficiency in transferring power. Suitable for small and high-performance engine.

The bottom layer of a Toyota V-Belt is rubber-coated to prevent cracking. Heat-resistant Aramide Fiber is used for the top fabric and tension member. Non-genuine belts may have simple configuration or an inferior combination of materials. They tend to stretch and wear out quickly.

A Genuine Toyota V-Belt is designed specifically for your vehicle. Since non-genuine V-belts are not designed for specific cars, they may not be a perfect fit for your engine. Your engine may not run as smoothly as it could or worse – squeaks and uneven abrasion may occur, requiring early replacement of the belt.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Clutch


Clutch Facing
The facing on a Genuine Toyota clutch has grooves which helps the car run smoothly despite the stops and starts of normal driving. Since the facing on many non-genuine parts does not have grooves, clutch disc often get stuck, causing the car to run poorly. A Genuine Toyota Clutch is also made with environmentally friendly non-asbestos, glass fiber which is more durable.

Genuine Toyota dampers are specifically engineered to enhance the performance of Toyota cars. They absorb rattles and vibration, ensuring smooth starts and responsive acceleration . Although non-genuine dampers look the same from the outside, they do not deliver the same well-tuned performance. The car may not start smoothly and engine noise and vibration may occur.

Diaphragm Spring
To increase their durability, Genuine Toyota diaphragm springs are hardened and coated with chrome. Without this added protection, non-genuine parts may bend or wear easily, shortening the life of the clutch cover and therefore the life of the part.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Shock Absorbers

Best Setting
Genuine Toyota Shock Absorbers are specifically designed for each mode, which helps to optimize performance. Since many non-genuine shock absorbers are designed to fit a variety of cars, they fail to enhance performance. The result is rough, noisy driving.

High Quality Materials
Genuine Toyota Shock Absorbers include Teflom processed pistons bands and piston rods which are galvanized with hard chrome or bearings. These long lasting parts work smoothly to reduce noise and abrasion and make driving more comfortable. Since many non-genuine shock absorbers are not Teflon processed or galvanized, they wear out faster and may cause rough driving.

Rust Resistant
Genuine Toyota Shock Absorbers are highly rust-resistant. Cylinders have special coatings and spring sheets are made from corrosion resistant steel with a caution-coated surface. Non-genuine shock absorbers may not offer the same level of corrosion resistance as Genuine Shock Absorbers, which could result in premature rusting.

Perfect Fit
All Genuine Shock Absorbers include bushings. Although some non-genuine shock absorbers also include bushines, they are often designed to fit a variety of housings Often they frail to fit perfectly, you may experience noisy, uncomfortable driving.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Body Parts Best Setting


Genuine Toyota Body Parts are made from galvanized high-strength steel. They last much longer than non-genuine parts which are often made of low grade non-galvanized steel.

Perfect Fit
Genuine Toyota Body Parts fit perfectly. Many non-genuine body parts do not and have to be retooled to make them fit. Reshaping weakens body parts and makes them liable to rust. In a worst-case scenario, they made rattle, let in water or even become disengaged.

Proven Safety
Even small body parts are essential to maintaining the safety of your vehicle. Genuine Toyota Body Parts undergo extensive development and crash-testing to ensure they offer maximum safety in the event of a collision. The safety of many non-genuine parts in unproven as they are not subjected to actual vehicle crash testing.

Advantages of using Genuine Toyota Mufflers


The capacity of a Genuine Toyota Muffler is appropriate for each mode. The result is smooth running and reduced noise. The capacity of non-genuine mufflers is often not sufficient for the engine’s emissions. If exhaust gases are not allowed to flow efficiently, even new non-genuine will emit noise

Supporting Parts 
The supporting parts on a Genuine Toyota Muffler are strong enough to eliminate vibrations. Since many non-genuine supporting parts are poorly constructed, they transmit vibrations to the chassis creating noise.

A Genuine Toyota Muffler is equipped with a resonator which helps reduce noise pollution. Although some non-genuine mufflers also have resonators, they often fail to synchronize with the engine and therefore o not efficiently reduce noise.

A Genuine Toyota Muffler is made from stainless or galvanized steel, adding to their durability. Because some non-genuine mufflers are not corrosion resistant, they do not last long.

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